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Security, Video Streaming and Robotics Apps

The EyesBot series of Apps provides these benefits:

  • Stream images from your device to a browser
  • Detect motion (EyesBot only)
  • Take photographs remotely (EyesBot only)
  • Control robot hardware (EyesBot Driver only)
  • Object recognition (EyesBot Driver only)

EyesBot Watcher is different from the other EyesBot apps in that it does not stream images, instead it saves images to cloud storage in order to alert users about motion detected at an office or residence while they are away.

Please visit the EyesBot website for detailed information.


Jellyfish Downpressor is a game which uses the iOS device camera, AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer, and CALayers to create an augmented reality in which users have Jellyfish swimming around them. This game is integrated with the GameCenter for leaderboards and accomplishments.

Quick Dodgeball and Pushy Kids both use Cocos2D and are integrated with the GameCenter, Quick Dodgeball for multiplayer games and both for leaderboards. Quick Dodgeball was our first game, while Pushy Kids is scheduled for release in September 2013.

Graphical Utilities

Flower Workshop is a utility that permits users to generate flowers and send them via email or save them to the camera roll.

Please visit the Thing Workshop site for detailed information.

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