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Boxing in Tbilisi
January 14, 2013 | Tbilisi, Georgia

I wrote some time back about running in Tbilisi, which was my primary way to stay in shape during the warmer months. I seldom run outdoors now as it is cold and generally the conditions haven't been favorable to outdoor exercise. But I joined a boxing club back in September and have been working out there 3 times a week or so ever since.

Here is a photo of Mindia Nozadze, the coach of the club and a Super Middle Weight professional boxer (boxrec)

He is a fantastic coach and a great person, and I've learned quite a lot from him. We've also been helping each other's languages skills, particularly related to boxing and exercise. My Georgian vocabulary is now pretty decent in two areas, food and boxing (my grammar is still really bad, though).

The light level in the gym is actually pretty low, and my camera is not good in low light situations.

Like most things in Tbilisi, I learned about the club by word of mouth from a friend of mine, Beka Okrostsvaridze, who did the lighting for one of the main local landmarks, Tbilisi Tower. The way that he put it, that it's just a few friends, made me think I was going to some kind of mafia meeting, but it turned out to be a pretty low key way for some men to get together and get some exercise in the evening. Mindia primarily coaches young people, but also has some adults during the evening.

I generally only work out on heavy bags and with Mindia using concentration mitts, but when I spar, my partner and I only aim for shoulders, which isn't the same as really fighting, but minimizes the risk of injuries. Here is a final photo of the view from the ring showing the Georgian flag painted on the wall.

I never thought I would take up boxing as a way to get some exercise, and that it perhaps one of the most interesting things about moving to a new country, each new environment presents new opportunities.

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