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February 2, 2013 | Tbilisi, Georgia

I've written a lot of entries about starting a business in the Republic of Georgia, but haven't given many details about my own business. In this blog I'll cover my current products and plans for the near future, which will give more context around what I am doing in Georgia.

To start off, here is a list of my current and near future products and their current status:

ProductTypeDescriptionCurrent Status
Lithic.comWebsiteCreate and share custom calendars. It is already Facebook integrated and a Facebook app is in development which should be done in February 2013Limited Success, hopefully the Facebook app will help the site gain scale.
DailyGloomWebsiteHumor aimed at people who read "The Economist"Probably a failure. Too much time and cost to create the cartoons, and they yield very little revenue. I'll keep doing this as a hobby since I enjoy it.
EyesBotiOS utility appAn app for iPhone/iPod that permits streaming images from an iOS device to a browser. There is also remote photo taking and motion detection capabilityTo early to tell whether this will be a success or failure. But it appears to be at least a limited success. I'll know more after releasing EyesBot Lite
EyesBot WatcheriOS utility appA security app that has a robot interface that follows motion (not motion on the screen, it processes images to track motion in the physical world). It was technically an interesting product to work on and I plan to post an entry about real time motion tracking.The first version looks like a limited success. I have plans for the next several versions and this will hopefully be one of the main revenue earners.
EyesBot LiteiOS utility appA limited version of EyesBot, without motion detection, photo capture, or rate control functionality.Under development and planned for release by end of February 2013.
EyesBot DriveriOS utility appA app that is in development that permits your iOS device to control a small vehicle. I'll post more when it is available.Hopefully, this will be a popular product. It is very unusual and a great deal of fun to use, so it may be.
Global DodgeballiOS game appA dodgeball game where you can set the number of opponent players and level of difficulty. Due to the way I wanted to create the controls, I only distribute this for the iPadNot likely to succeed. I'm going to launch a multi-player version which I expect to be somewhat popular, but the games market is hit based, and I don't think this will be a hit. I'll continue working on it since I enjoy the game.

My products are primarily iOS software and web sites, but there is a strong hardware component to EyesBot Driver which will separate it from most apps. All of these could have been written anywhere on Earth, so Georgia, with it lower cost structure and business friendly environment, has been a a good choice so far. The only difficulty specific to my products has been getting electronic components for EyesBot Driver, which I source from the US (usually Mouser).

If you are in a business that may benefit from a partnership with my business, please contact me (contact information near the top right of the blogs page).

About Me

I'm a American programmer starting a software company in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. This blog contains information about the practicalities of starting a business and living in Georgia, along with occasional technical entries related to software and hardware.

If you have questions about starting a business or living in Georgia, feel free to email me:

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