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Weather in Tbilsi
May 29, 2013 | Tbilisi, Georgia

Although weather and climate can be described objectively, the actual experience of the weather and climate is affected by a cities infrastructure, what people wear, and the layout of the city. For example, Dubai is a hot, humid coastal city, and most people dress very conservatively, so people can't wear short and a t-shirt to help cope with the weather. However, the high quality infrastructure and ubiquitous air conditioning make it seem much more pleasant than the actual temperatures would suggest.

The most accurate English language weather forecasts that I've found for Tbilisi are from Accuweather. For a subjective account, read on...


If unremitting gray, cold, grim weather is your preference, you'll enjoy Tbilisi's winter. Although the weather is objectively mild, rarely going below freezing or snowing, the high humidity, rareness of sunny days, and typical draftiness of older construction makes the winter in Tbilisi generally the least pleasant season. Most of the older construction uses single pane windows in wooden frames which have warped over the years, leading to draftiness. Combined with mostly wall mounted heating units this makes most homes and offices uncomfortably cold. When visiting an office in the winter, its quite common for most of the people in the office to be wearing their coats at their desks. Newer construction, particularly in higher end homes and office which have been built or upgraded to Western European standards avoid this, but the grayness is unavoidable.

The following image is from a snow storm, of which there are typically only a few per winter in Tbilisi.


When spring finally happens, it is a huge relief. The improvement in mood and the increase in activity is very noticeable, and the sun starts to make frequent appearances. The weather tends to be somewhat unstable, alternating between warmer and colder spells, but generally the spring is wet and mild.

The following photo was taken near Mtasminda park in the hills to the west of the city. There are a lot of flowering trees in this area in the spring.


Summer has the most abundant and cheapest fruits and vegetables, as well as hot and humid weather. It seems to be the most energetic season in Tbilisi until August, when some people take vacations to get out of the city when it is the hottest. The weather seldom gets very hot (35C or 95F would be exceptionally hot in Tbilisi), but the subways and marshrutkas, which can be very crowded, get pretty hot and often a bit smelly.

The following image is from the main bazaar in Tbilisi.


The fall has some of the best and most stable weather that Tbilisi has to offer. The temperature starts to drop in late August and the leaves start to change in October or thereabouts. The foliage display is not as spectacular as some parts of the US (like Colorado, where the news websites have peak foliage viewing maps and calendars) since the leaves mostly slowly turn brown and then drop off over the course of the winter. Fall is probably the best time to visit Tbilisi.

The following photo was taken from around the middle of the span of the Peace Bridge.

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